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Cidre Le Brun
29720 Plovan
Téléphone : +33 (0)2 98 54 42 15
Fax : +33 (0)2 98 54 31 27

Your cidrerie in Brittany, 100% pure apple juice cider

Le Brun cidrerie

Since 1955, we are doing our best to produce quality craft ciders. Located in Brittany (France), we grew into a successful company by building on our traditional know-how. Several times rewarded during the French National Cider contest in Paris, we became the leading premium craft cider producer in France. All our products are the result of a traditional process, starting with our hand-picked apples which guarantee the best craft ciders for all connoisseurs worldwide.

Our ciders are all produced following traditional methods, in order to get the best possible craft cider flavour. Discover our traditional know-how, as well as our numerous awards.


  • 1955 : Creation of « EARL Cidre Le Brun » by Jean Le Brun
  • 1991 : Dominique Le Brun (then 22 years old) becomes head of the company
  • 1996 : Creation of "EURL cidres Bigoud" (previously called "Celliers de la Ville d'Ys")
  • 2008 : New thermo-regulated fermentation tank
  • 2014 : Supreme Champion at the International Cider Challenge

The key members

  • Jean Le Brun 03/10/1926 - 27/02/2009
    Founder of the « Cidres Le Brun », Jean devoted his life for the development of his company.
  • Dominique 02/02/1969
    Now the company’s director, Dominique developed the business from 2 people in 1991 to 20 people working full-time today
  • Jean Alain 09/12/56 - 12/12/2008
    First employee with Dominique in 1991, Jean always worked for the development of the company. Deceased in a tragic accident, Jean Alain will always be an emblematic character of our cidrerie.

Le Brun Cider, cider grower

The EARL Cidre Le Brun is a farm since 1955. Discover all the secrets of our 100% Breton farm cider. Thanks to our 120 hectares of orchard, we produce our cider with our own apples. Our orchards are maintained by our teams and we also hand-pick all apples.

Bigoud Cider

SAS Cidres Bigoud produces craft ciders since 1996. We buy our apples from our quality producers. All the fruits arrive at the cidrerie and are then pressed on our premise following our traditional methods.

Salon Prowein

Du 18 au 20 mars 2018 à Dusseldorf

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Cidre Le Brun s'engage pour la qualité de ses produits

Les cidres Le Brun ont su se démarquer depuis de nombreuses années par leurs goûts et surtout la qualité de ses cidres, cette dernière à d'ailleurs été reconnue par sa certification IFS en 2017. Une autre force de la cidrerie est son engagement de...

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Salon de l'ANUGA

Du 7 au 11 octobre à Cologne

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