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Cidre Le Brun
29720 Plovan
Téléphone : +33 (0)2 98 54 42 15
Fax : +33 (0)2 98 54 31 27

An ancestral and traditional cider production

Since 1955, Le Brun cider is known for its high quality. Awarded in France and internationally, our crafts ciders are the outcome of our traditional know-how. Discover the essential steps to produce a Breton craft cider.

The fabrication process

We need 6 main steps to produce a craft cider the Breton way.

It all starts with the fruit :We take a lot of care in selecting superior quality apples (Kermerrien, Marie Ménard, Douce Moên, Peau de Chien, Douce Coëtligné). The orchards are carefully looked after until maturation of the fruits.

The crop : The apples are hand-picked in order to prevent any damages and select the best fruits.

Preparation before pressing the fruit : We keep the collected apples in special wooden cases for about 3 weeks, in order to enable the fruit to slightly dehydrate and therefore concentrate their aroma.

Extracting pure apple juice : Our apples are then ready to be mashed. Once this is done, the result (pulp plus juice) is left to rest in a tank: this helps to balance the flavour profile of the future cider by sweetening possible harsh notes. We then press this pulp/juice mix again to get our pure apple juice.

Natural fermentation : The apple juice is then stored in a thermo-regulated fermentation tank and checked regularly. The sparkling process is totally natural. It is carried out in closed environment to enable the fermentation-generated carbonic gas to dissolve in the cider.

Bottling and distribution : The cider is then bottled in champagne-like bottles with their traditional natural cork and wire-cap. These ciders are non-pasteurized in order to fully keep their flavour profile. A slight filtration is carried out before bottling to remove the yeast naturally present to generate the fermentation. The cider is then ready to be shipped to worldwide connoisseurs to enjoy… responsibly!